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About JewishBusiness.com

All new ventures are exciting and in that respect the launch of JewishBusiness.com is no different.

But JewishBusiness.com is different from most other Jewish Web endeavors.

While there many Orthodox content providers on the Internet as well as Orthodox e-commerce sites, few (if any) combine content and commerce. JewishBusiness.com is an experiment to do just that. To fuse commercialism with education; materialism with religion and spiritualism.

And that is no contradiction.

The Torah in many instances teaches us the importance of enhancing religious practice by sanctifying the otherwise mundane. Shabbos observance is a paramount example, requiring, as it does, the donning of special, nice clothes; the preparation of good, enjoyable meals. "Ze kali v'anveihu" -- "this is my G-d and I shall beautify [His mitzvos]" is another expression of this idea, suggesting increased spending for the purchase of a beautiful esrog, lulav or tzizis.

Our everyday conduct in business is yet one more circumstance where we need to inextricably link kodesh with chol. Thus, on the educational side, a major goal of JewishBusiness.com is to provide our visitors with sources, articles and other materials on Jewish business ethics, practices and halacha. We express our thanks to Rabbi Aron Tendler of Ner Israel Rabbincal College in Baltimore Maryland for allowing us to post his popular and extensive materials on business and halacha. We are also indebted to Darche Noam Institutions in Israel for permission to link to its Judaism in the Workplace--Professional Ethics and Halacha site. We are pleased to make available by hyperlink business-related articles found on the Jewish Law (jlaw.com)website.

On the commercial side, JewishBusiness.com will attempt to practice what the Torah teaches about favoring Jewish businesses (see, e.g., Rashi on Vayikrah 25, 14). To that end, in the near future we will iy"H develop, for networking purposes, lists of Jewish businesses, we hope that our visitors will reward such halachically - committed Jews by patronizing them.

Because of the sometimes understandable concerns of many within the Orthodox community regarding the potential pitfalls of Cyberspace, the primary means by which JewishBusiness.com does its match-making between consumers and business people is via electronic mail. Thus, you need not even (re)visit this site to gain from it. The idea is simple. Simply send an e-mail to us at subscribe@jewishbusiness.com. We will then send you (by reply e-mail), a list of categories from which you choose to register in order to receive e-mail messages about sales, specials and discounts from various vendors. Typically, such e-mails will give the vendor's toll free, 800 number, which you can call to order the advertised item. At any time that you no longer are interested in receiving e-mails in a given category, simply send us an e-mail to unsubscribe@jewishbusiness.com.

Finally, and most importantly, the privacy policy of JewishBusiness.com is not to sell or otherwise use your e-mail address for purposes other than to send you e-mails on items in the categories of your choice.

We hope that you enjoy JewishBusiness.com. If you have any questions or comments about the site, the idea behind JewishBusiness.com or any suggestions on how to improve upon this endeavor, please let us know. You may contact us at info@jewishbusiness.com.

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